Introduction to .NET Programming

Course description
This introductory course is intended for beginners to programming who intend to develop desktop or web applications for the .NET framework. The first day covers the fundamentals of object-oriented programming in .NET. During the second day, the data layer for an application is built, involving collections classes and connecting to a database. On the final day, the data layer is connected to web and desktop presentation layers. View Course Outline.

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Venue and fee
This course can be provided as individual tuition for £1950+VAT on dates that are convenient for you. We can deliver the training either at your offices or alternatively at our offices in Reading.
Related courses
Our Advanced .NET course is intended for developers who are already familiar with object-oriented programming, either in .NET or a similar language.
What you will learn
  • .NET Architecture and Visual Studio
  • Core Language Features
  • Classes and Objects
  • Inheritance
  • Arrays and Collections
  • LINQ
  • Handling exceptions
  • Reading and writing to a database
  • MVC Web Applications
  • WPF Desktop applications
No existing programming experience is assumed. The pace and content can be adjusted to suit your requirements.
Course instructor

Originally a Civil Engineer with a BSc from London University the course instructor, Simon Dineen, has 15 years' experience in .NET training and development.

  • Absolutely excellent, fast-paced but that’s what I was hoping for. Good selection of topics.

  • Trainer was approachable and very knowledgeable. I appreciated the time and patience given to me as I was the slowest on the course.

  • I enjoyed the fast pace of the course. It’s given me the concepts which I now need to improve through practice.

  • Really enjoyable. Would recommend. Thanks

  • Fantastic introduction; so much information covered in one week.

  • It was highly intensive but easy to follow

  • Just wanted to say thanks for the course last week. I got a huge amount out of it. I really liked the way you built up the different components/apps over the week.

Course outline

1. .NET Architecture and Visual Studio

  • The Common Language Runtime
  • Understanding assemblies and namespaces
  • The Common Type System and the Common Language Specification
  • Compiling, running and debugging programs

2. Core Language Features

  • Data types, conversions and casting
  • Operators, precedence and associativity
  • Decision structures
  • Repetition

3. Objects and Types

  • Static methods
  • UML class diagrams and object diagrams
  • Fields, methods and properties
  • Instantiating a class
  • Auto-implemented properties
  • Constructors and overloading

4. Inheritance

  • Inheriting a base class
  • Overriding methods in derived classes
  • Constructors in a hierarchy
  • Defining scope and visibility

5. Arrays, Collections and LINQ

  • Building arrays and using polymorphism
  • Collections classes and interfaces
  • using LINQ to interrogate data from a variety of sources

6. Databases

  • SQL expressions for creating, updating and retrieving data
  • Unmanaged resources and using blocks
  • Handling exceptions

7. MVC Web Applications

  • Controllers, Models and Views
  • Connecting to the data layer built previously
  • Displaying a list
  • Writing to the data layer from an HTML form

8. Web API

  • REST Services and HTTP methods
  • Deploying and testing a web service

9. WPF Desktop applications

  • Overview of Windows Presentation Foundation
  • Building a window with XAML
  • Handling events and binding to data